Email setup on an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

You can connect an iPhone, iPad or iPod to any type of mailbox. The precise method of connecting will depend upon the type of mailbox that you want to connect to.

Full details how to set up email on your IPhone can be found on the Apple website at: While we are unable to offer direct support for third party products, the following process can be used as a guide to setting up email with an iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Standard and Advanced mailboxes

You can configure your IPhone to connect to your mailbox using IMAP.

Step 1: From the Add Account section, click Other.

Step 2: Tap Add Mail Account.

Step 3: You will be prompted to enter your mailbox details, in the text boxes provided enter the following:
  • Name: Your name, or you could enter the name of your mailbox if you prefer.

  • Address: Enter the email address of your new mailbox, for example.

  • Description: Your device will automatically populate this field with your address or you can add your own description of your mailbox.

Step 4: Once you have entered all the information on this screen, click Save. You will be prompted to enter some additional information. When prompted select the following: (using the same settings for both the incoming and outgoing mail server)
  • Choose an IMAP account

  • Host Name:, replacing with your actual domain name.

  • Username: Enter your email address, e.g

  • Password: Enter the password you chose when you set up the mailbox with in your Fasthosts control panel.

Step 5: Tap the Save button. Your phone will now attempt to connect to your mail servers, this can take a couple of minutes to complete.

You may see an error advising you that a secure connection has failed. In these instances tap Continue. You should now enter the account settings menu and disable the use of SSL.

Exchange 2010 mailboxes

For full Exchange functionality you should connect your iPhone to a Microsoft Exchange 2010 mailbox. You must also enable Outlook Anywhere before your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch will be able to connect fully to your Exchange 2010 Mailbox

Step 1: Tap Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Add Account > Microsoft Exchange.

Step 2: On the next screen, enter the following details:

  • Email: The email address of your Exchange Mailbox.

  • Domain: Leave blank.

  • Username: This will be the same as your new email address.

  • Password: Enter the password you chose when you created your mailbox.

  • Description: Enter a name for your new account. This can be anything that you want.

Step 3: Select Next. The iPhone will attempt to automatically sync with our exchange server, however it will fail with an "Unable to Verify" error.

A new field will appear in the configuration named Server.

  • If your server name is CAS.EMAIL.LOCAL: Enter

  • If your server name is CAS.EMAIL2.LOCAL: Enter

Step 4: Your iPhone will now connect to your new mailbox. Follow the onscreen instructions to decide what you would like to syncronise with your iPhone.

This process is described in full at:

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